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Shipping Charges and Future Implementation

Some of our clients that have purchased items from our first drop, might have noticed a partial refund for shipping costs. YAY, Money Back! Winks + Wildflower is a small shop and we value our customers. We specifically set our price point with an intended profit margin. We have no desire or intent to make any further profit off of the shipping charges that our clients pay for the delivery of our product. With that being said, Shopify charges a specific rate based on the weight of the item that does not properly reflect our shipping costs. Customers that purchased our Small Snuggles were experiencing the same charge as those purchasing our Large Snuggles. If you purchased a Small Snuggle,...

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Item Drop Process

Hey Loves, This blog post is designed to help our customers understand the drop process a little better, and also serve as a placeholder for any future updates to the process. We will be looking at ways to improve this process for our customers as we increase our customer base, and improve our business processes.  At this time, we will be updating the inventory on our site at a specific time and date. We will be informing all of our customer on our social media platforms and our subscribed friends via email of expected Drop dates. Once the inventory is updated, you will have the opportunity to purchase the specified inventory for that drop. Once the inventory runs out, our...

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Hello loves, Thank you so much for visiting our site and supporting our small business. I’m Rachel, the maker of these snuggle buddies and their minis. My boyfriend acts as the tech genius and general wrangler of "Crazy," aka our daughter Charlotte, who is your official snuggle tester.    My inspiration draws from the animals I loved growing up and am still mildly obsessed with (don’t go to my Facebook, it’s all otter videos). I love creating these. I love the whole process from sketch to finished friend.  I am such a stickler for process. I hand sew each of their faces. Every eye will look different, every bunny ear not the same as the other. In creating these, I...

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