Shipping Charges and Future Implementation

Some of our clients that have purchased items from our first drop, might have noticed a partial refund for shipping costs. YAY, Money Back! Winks + Wildflower is a small shop and we value our customers. We specifically set our price point with an intended profit margin. We have no desire or intent to make any further profit off of the shipping charges that our clients pay for the delivery of our product.

With that being said, Shopify charges a specific rate based on the weight of the item that does not properly reflect our shipping costs. Customers that purchased our Small Snuggles were experiencing the same charge as those purchasing our Large Snuggles. If you purchased a Small Snuggle, you should find that you have been refunded partially to reflect the cost of shipping. We will be reviewing our settings to hopefully remedy this problem. If we do not find a solution that properly addresses this problem, we might remove the shipping charge completely from the order form and apply a small increase in price to reflect our shipping costs.

Multiple Orders:

Some of our wonderful clients were able to purchase multiple items, but did so in separate orders. Lucky! We understand the necessity for this to be an option, as it enables our clients to have the opportunity to get the item they desire most before it is sold out. For clients that ordered multiple items within the same drop, we will be issuing refunds on shipping costs that reflect our shipping expenses.

If Either of these situations reflect your purchase, and you do not believe we reviewed your order for the appropriate refund, please email us at and provide your order number.

Thank you again for making our First Drop the success that it was, and know that we love each and every one of you. We will continuously review our policies and procedures to make sure you receive the best service we can provide!

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