How to Prepare for Drop Dates!

How to Prepare for Drop Dates!

Do you have the Drop Date blues? Can't get the Snuggle you've been excited about? Are your friends flaunting their recently snagged lovies with their dumb smug faces that you could just.... be so happy that they are happy and not hold a single ounce of resentment toward them.

Well, we're here to help you...and them. You don't have to tell them about this blog. You can keep it to yourself and hope they don't find it. Does that make you a bad person? Meh. Ask yourself that after they post another $#%&%^% photo with their happy child and he's got a smug face that could just.... light up the world and empty your darkened soul of all its hatred.

Now that we've all gotten over the anger and frustration, let's talk about the steps you can take to help increase your chances of snagging the item you want.

  1. Create a Customer Account - This is the most basic of steps that we feel is prudent to your success. With a customer account, you can have all of your personal information stored, allowing for vital seconds to be cut off of your cart time.
  2. Automated Pay Processes - Google and Apple offer a significant benefit to customers trying to earn their quick grab by beating the competition to the checkout. Think of all the time you can save by clicking one button with  purchasing information already stored vs. manually entering your card information. 
  3. Be There - Some of our drops have a lot of items, some of them don't. We can't guarantee that we will have any items available after a few minutes. We like the excitement that our customers get on Drop Dates, we love the exclusivity that helps foster the feeling of owning something unique. We are a small shop with hopes of growth, but until the time when we have shelves stocked high of available product, the best advice we can give is to be there when they are available.
  4. Social Media and Marketing - The best way to accomplish step 3, is to get involved. We post frequently of our upcoming designs and drops. Our goal is always to make sure as many eyes and ears can find us. Another reason to get involved, hidden treasures! Every once in awhile, we try to find ways to reward those that support all of our hard work. So, in case we haven't asked you enough: Instagram, Facebook, and Subscribe to our newsletter!
  5. Connectivity - It might take a couple page refreshes near the Drop Time to be the first to get a Snuggle. With that in mind, making sure you are at a place with a good internet connection is vital.


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I’m sooo excited to be joining the group !!!

Peggy Nelson

I got so excited….I did not pay any attention that it was PST…LOL…so sorry….so excited


I want a reward!

Theresa Ratto

Thanks for the help, trying to score our first!


So excited!!!

Kelly Willis

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