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Hello loves,

Thank you so much for visiting our site and supporting our small business. I’m Rachel, the maker of these snuggle buddies and their minis. My boyfriend acts as the tech genius and general wrangler of "Crazy," aka our daughter Charlotte, who is your official snuggle tester. 


My inspiration draws from the animals I loved growing up and am still mildly obsessed with (don’t go to my Facebook, it’s all otter videos). I love creating these. I love the whole process from sketch to finished friend. 

I am such a stickler for process. I hand sew each of their faces. Every eye will look different, every bunny ear not the same as the other. In creating these, I think back to my own baby blanket. The faded yellow, satin falling off the edges, knit blanket I so lovingly referred to as gankie. I want that for your little. I want my daughter's otter to be so trashed by the time she’s 5, that its face is no longer cream and the fur is falling out. That is when I’ll know she feels the same as I did growing up. That’s the amount of love going into each of these. Faded, falling apart gankie level.


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