Everything is Sold Out!!!! How Do I buy an item?

   Our inventory is uploaded on specific days, at specific times. This process is called a "Drop." Our drops typically sell out within the first 10-15 mins, and sometimes faster. You will need to be on the site on "Drop Day," and we recommended reading our blog post "How to Prepare for Drop Dates..." For any opportunity to buy outside of the "Drop," follow our social media pages that are linked on the home page, for any updates or special opportunities. 


Do you do Custom Orders?

  ATTENTION: At this moment we are not taking any custom orders! Please follow our social media or subscribe to our mailer for any update to this policy! 



  Winks + Wildflower ships to all locations in the United States of America, as well as Canada, because well, you know... Who doesn't love Canada? We've also started exploring other Countries as potential locations to do business with. For any specific questions, please E-Mail winksandwildflower@gmail.com


  Our Large Snuggles our approximately 24 inches in height, Small Snuggles are 12 inches in height, and we  don't talk about their width because they are sensitive about that information.

  New Sizes?!?!? We have two categories for our Snuggles. We've stuffed our Small Snuggle and named it Love Bud. Our Love Buds are 12 inches in height. We added a smaller dimension named Dew Drops to be the little brother. Our Dew Drops are 6 inches in height.


  Let's be honest, you won't want to return these things. But, for those that are under attack by the toys your child has neglected because of how awesome our Snuggles are, we understand. We accept returns, but you will need to pay to have the item shipped to back to us. We will process a refund after the item has been returned and inspected. For more information, please review our Return Policy page.

  **We recommend using our Buy/Sell/Trade sections in our Facebook VIP. Not only can you avoid the Return Process, but you can help us get our Snuggles into the hands of an excited new owner!** 

Care Instructions

  When you're finished pulling out the fun sticky food from your child's hair, wiping the boogers off their face, and changing the eighth diaper for the day, make sure their best friend hasn't been following in their footsteps too closely. We recommend hand washing our Snuggles in cold water or lukewarm water. Then hang them out to dry. If something gets stuck in their fur, just grab your good ole "mom clippers" and give it a haircut only a mother could love.