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*** Important Notice ***

    It has come to our attention that certain customers have not been participating fairly in our shop drops. It is not in the best interest of our shop to cater to these individuals. If we determine that you are using software to give you an advantage in the purchasing process, we will ban your Shopify account and refund any outstanding purchases. If we should notice any trends that you have created alternative accounts, those too will be banned, and your outstanding purchases refunded.

   The amount of time and effort that everyone puts into participating in these drops should not disrespected by greedy individuals that cannot follow rules, or participate in competition respectfully. It is not fun for the other participants, and it is not fun for us to have to monitor the behavior of adults who have failed to mature enough through life to understand how their actions create a ripple effect.

    Keep in mind that if we have to purchase software and apps to protect the site from predatory behavior, that it takes away from the time that we could be spending on positive projects and fun activities in the future.

   If you have any questions, they can be directed to me on the Facebook VIP, or in the comment section below.

- Shannon Covert, the not so friendly guy that deals with this kind of stuff so Rachel doesn't have to.


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